Friday, April 18, 2014

Unplanned Finally Friday April 18


Been like ... crickets around here, no? Hope you have had a great week. I have a three day weekend today and next week (Good Friday and Battle of the Flowers--that one's local ;)).
Thank you for the kind words about the big time slow down of posts this month. Didn't answer because I was kind of embarrassed. But that is silly, no?

Yesterday we had a parade for our school's 50th anniversary. This is a photo from the district FB album of me feeling highly out of place. Ignore the ... pounds that need to be lost again. AGAIN. :P

Anyway. Here's what I've been liking on Pinterest. I'll be back next week for #IMWAYR (It's Monday, What Are You Reading?).
Thank you for sticking around.

As much as I'm not really a fan of his books anymore ... this is true!

How tasty does this look? And I don't say that lightly as veggies ... don't always look tasty.

Coming up with the right data to visualize is the hard part.

I put this one on Pinterest but we'll just embed the video here. Yet another version but who cares? It's a catchy song. (Though the makeup is a little ... discombobulating. On him and the two young highlighted singers. They sound great, though.)

I sense a project coming on.

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  1. I do think that recipe looks good. I am trying to find different vegetable recipes to try. This one just might make the cut.