Wednesday, April 30, 2014

TL Blogging Challenge #7 Library Management Tip

Back! And even a day early. Oh, goodness, though. This draft remained empty for quite some time. What tip could I possibly offer? You've probably figured out by now I blog just to figure things out. I don't HAVE THEM figured out already. Nope. Not by a long shot.

I wish!

So we'll go with very simple.

Create a Goodreads or Shelfari or ... there's another one I cannot remember the name of. Anyway. Even if you don't blog it will help you keep track of your reading and books you WANT to read. And bonus ... electronic! As long as you remember your login (HA!) you can get at it anywhere. I am forever leaving notebooks in NOT the place I need them at the time. Tags can help you keep it organized for personal reading and professional reading and what you read with which grade.

Learn how to create Google Forms. They are awesome for gathering data on any number of library related topics (check out Carolyn's Library Surveys packet for some ideas! Why I love TPT ... when other people create things I can spend my time elsewhere!) or for submitting book requests or for tracking student visits. All without ever having to add up tic marks from any piece of paper that you might have misplaced. Once you get good there are loads of other uses but that is a management start. ;)

This one is timely as our district is really pushing a BIG weed. Like ... thousands of books. Smaller and more relevant and to open up space in the library for more collaborative activities and fewer shelves. Last week I worked on the 700s through 900s. This is one way to think about it that helped.

Don't need nearly so many of the old "craft" books because hello. Internet. Though I still have questions about poetry. And I discarded some really old books on Native Americans that I should have gotten rid of years ago. They weren't terrible but they weren't great. Only ... how does one decide what to replace? No one's complained about them because no one's actually used them in years. Can we find enough age appropriate stuff online? Probably. But I still wondered a bit if I was doing the right thing.

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