Saturday, September 15, 2012

SW Reads Day

Source: via Angie on Pinterest

Do you understand how excited I am about the idea of this? I do not think my administration and faculty are as excited *insert slightly worried face here* but hopefully I can change their minds. And make it a learning AND fun experience. I don't do big stuff all that well. We may have to change the date as it is turns out it's on an extremely bad day school calendar wise, even for like just an hour in the afternoon buddy reading activity. #timing :/

Feel the Force Writing Center
Sight Word Reading or Roll and Color? (may integrate more fairy tale ideas for the non-fans as well)

There are so many books it just sort of depends on the grade level and what you have available. Our kiddos LOVE the DK readers and the older ones some of the easier novels in our library collection. But of course we wouldn't have one to give every kid. Money. And they are not necessarily the best "read alouds."

This is kind of cool for the 4th and 5th graders. Integrates some research into mythology and cultures. Only I don't think it falls under any of the current TEKS on the Scope and Sequence and it couldn't be done in an hour or even two.

This links to a Utah County 4H Jedi Training document. Apparently it was a club. Actually looks like a lot of fun but again ... too long.

Perhaps if it wasn't like an act of Congress to get software approved I would look into some of these critical thinking games? Well. Act of Congress and ... money. It seems to come down to budget quite often, doesn't it.

 Souer fun, right? Only I'm sure I'D be the one leading it. And despite fitness efforts I'm not sure about my ability to even do some of them.
Source: via Angie on Pinterest

Source: via Angie on Pinterest

Totally just for fun. I'd probably hate the noise after a while.

Hmm. Could make it more school oriented ... maybe put some vocabulary words on little stickers over the names of the characters? Or would that be too random, SW figures with vocab words underneath them. Probably. I'm reaching here. Stupid headache again.

And while I'm not normally one for fancy nails ...


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