Saturday, June 11, 2011

I is for ...

Wow. Could not really find one author that I was super excited about.

I'm Not Cute! or I'm Not Scared! both by Jonathan Allen. What more can I say ... that little owl is adorable. I can't find an official webpage to link to so instead I will link to this stuffed toy on Amazon. Though the book pics are even cuter.

How many times can I mention Mo Willems on my blog? Apparently, a lot, because I Am Invited to a Party!, I Am Going!, and I Broke My Trunk all fit into the "I" category.

A new to me book that is on our state list is Imogene's Last Stand. It's all about a little girl who loves history and stages a protest to save her town's museum. It's full of quotes from famous people. May take a little scaffolding but I hope the kids like it next year! Found this on YouTube and thought it was cute.

On a related note, Laurie Halse Anderson's Independent Dames is a lot of fun.

Ah, Incarceron. Interesting story, that one. Just finished the sequel. It was a little harder to follow, I thought, but the whole idea is super cool.

INTERRUPTING CHICKEN! I believe I have also mentioned how much I love this one. A new picture book favorite. I read it to several classes the last week of school and we made doorhangers. One side was for "Shh! I'm reading!" and the other side was for times to "Interrupt me!" Got the idea from a pdf file you can find posted in several places around the web. Cracked me up how upset the kids would get when the chicken would interrupt the story. Pot calling the kettle black, my little friends. Pot calling the kettle black. Good thing we like you anyway!

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