Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Dead (The Enemy #2)The Dead by Charlie Higson

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

All the time I've been reading this I've wondered what I was going to say about it when I was done. Do not get me wrong. I did enjoy the story. If I could give two and a half or two and three quarters I would. But if I have to round up or down I'm going to round down.

Word to the wise. This one gets gory.

Coming after reading Rot & Ruin where the zombies were treated with much more respect I have to say I didn't like that about this story. All the description of bashing and splashing and kicking and oozing. Ugh. In the Maberry book the hunters were very careful to remember that the zombies were once someone's family.

That said, there were some interesting characters. Jack and Ed. Jordan. Poor Liam. Greg was a little strange, as was Matt and the whole "new religion" thing. The interaction between the different factions. The struggle to keep going and feel some hope.

I'll definitely keep reading the series. I'd like to know what happens next. I just won't recommend it to younger readers. Or anyone who recently ate lunch.

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  1. Yeah, I'm with you on the gore personally, but I had an 8th grader who would only read war books for 3 years, and I had to bring in my Nook every day and loan it to him during study hall so he could read this! He was even saving up his money to buy a copy. So there is something here, just more for older boys.