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Housekeeping Workflow Type Tips
To get photos on or off of iPads I use a mix of generic Dropbox or Google Drive accounts and then Chirp.

Hopefully your hand won't get tired from all of the scrolling!

ChatterPix Kids (free, 30 second recording limit, easily saved to camera roll)
Here's a short playlist of some of our favorites. One was last year. We read the book Smitten (by David Gordon) and then the kids chose either the Sock or the Mitten and did a quick "introduction" recording. Then this year we also used the app to celebrate the Crayon books as well as demonstrate mastery of non-fiction reading content with natural disasters and animal research. (Another fun one that is very similar is YakIt Kids. It has a 15 second limit, though, so I often have to "smash" clips together in iMovie. Isn't hard but it is another step. Sometimes I use it because it will disguise a student's voice that doesn't necessarily have permission for their work to be posted. Then there's just for variety in the faces and mouths!)

I think a Diva and Flea intro is in our future. Or Mother Bruce? Stick and Stone?

PicCollage Kids (free, easily saved to camera roll)
One example of this was last spring. Technically it was more of a "I WANT TO READ" than already read but the same idea could be used in reverse as a monthly "I read" poster. It was May so we didn't spend a lot of time on revisions or editing. The kids typed the information on Chromebooks or regular computers in their Google Drive and shared it with me. Here are the guidelines for this project.

Haiku Deck The app itself is still free, though you can no longer export presentations out into into PPT/Google on the free version, you would have to embed them from the webbased HDeck or pay the subscription fee. Great for non-fiction or fiction reading! These are just two of many, many, many we made last year!

A fairly similar app is Adobe Slate. They offer beautiful, CC licensed images for students to use when sharing their learning. You cannot export the presentation elsewhere, however. You can only share the link. (My two "test words" for image searches ... cougar and fox ... both came up pretty innocuous. That's a good sign, is it not? I so made the mistake of searching with a student for a cougar image once. WE MEANT THE WILD ANIMAL. :/ Echo might be an interesting one. That book is SO GOOD ... I almost wish the author had released it as three separate books because more kids might have picked it up. Calpurnia Tate would be another interesting one to see what historical photos could be found.

Book Creator (free version for one book and one book only! or paid version for more)
Of course you can tell we didn't spend a lot of time making sure our audio was perfect (this was all done in one 45 minute library visit ... at the time we had a full time assistant!) but weren't the kids' ideas fun? This was in preparation for an author visit by Jeff Mack. We need to do this more as it was so easy. If you can convince your powers that be for this purchase do it. I can't find the exact template I used but for now here's this one. If I find the proportions are off (and, well, cameras can do funny things sometimes) I'll fix it!

As I was preparing this presentation I thought we totally need to use the comic templates and get some of the Princess in Black fans to write their own stories! Or something in the style of Roller Girl?

Shadow Puppet Edu (free)
I've tended to use this one most as a sequencing practice. I snap photos of about 5 or 6 pages of the book and put them on the iPads. The kids import them into the app and put them together in the proper order. We usually run out of time for them to ever finish recording a narration but that's OK. The teachers and I can see who is on the right track.

(On the playlist the non-fic ones are first, then the retelling.)

The Laughing Librarian Sara Romine uses 30 Hands for the same idea (sequencing practice) with Bark, George!

Here's another great project she OKayed sharing with you. Amelia Bedelia, Educreations and homonyms, homophones, and homographs!

Puppet Pals (There is a free version but we used the upgraded paid version which lets you create your own puppets and add your own backgrounds as well as export the video to the camera roll instead of just link to their site. If you can talk your powers that be into the paid one get this one, too!) We totally need to do some of these with Piggie and Elephant. I just decided. ;)

We DEFINITELY need to do some Piggie and Elephant Puppet Pal stories. And Pigeon! How have we not already? I would LOVE to see some of the new Bluebonnet titles done. Circus Mirandus or Nightmares, for example. The Timmy Failure books would also be pretty funny. 

Trading Cards app
The examples I could find were with biography research but of course it would work for characters in a book! This is a simple SnapGuide we used for the biography project.

I loved this one when it was a paid app and now it's even cooler that it's free. Kids can write their own stories or, using puppets to represent characters from a book, retell the story.

(Isn't it terrible that for as much as we love tinkering with this one I don't have a final product-or even a halfway done one-to share. I keep trying!)

This example was for a science activity but to be honest I'd sort of forgotten about it. The "review" option would be perfect for getting kids talking about books! Or even the newscaster, depending on the story.

Augmented Reality
Download Aurasma to that second device and then search for MsOReadsBooks and follow the "HHES Library" channel. Then scan some of these images. Our sound quality will not win any awards but the kids enjoyed making them and kids still scan the covers. The hard part is getting a user's device to follow our channel. Daqri looked like it was going to be a good solution to that but they discontinued their educator accounts as it looks like they are sort of changing things up in their company.

Kahoot works with any device, not actually an app ... go to to log in and create or copy someone else's quiz and send the students to to enter the PIN number. Nearpod is similar.

Just for Fun
A simple one that if you don't have yet it will be very easy and very helpful in the next couple weeks. The Dr. Seuss Camera Happy Birthday edition is free!

Here are some oldies(I actually don't even remember how we did them ... iMovie on my laptop? MovieMaker?) that I share just because for the time the kids did a great job. We need to do them again with new kids and newer tools! And maybe new books. Though these are pretty great already.

This presentation started as a guest post on Free Tech 4 Teachers.

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