Wednesday, November 22, 2017


You know, internet, sometimes things are hard even when they don't seem like they should be. Even when you have a strong family and strong faith base and you thought you had it under control. Sometimes things are just ... hard. Sometimes being the only one doing a job in a building is so very isolating (in general being a teacher is “bad” enough, but they at least often have teams, right? Or is that a fallacy?) it is just so hard. More and more and more and more is expected with less and less support. The kids still need you so why isn't that enough? Just ... give yourself some grace. You can't do it all and be it all and anyone who expects you to is just expecting more than one person can deliver. Or at least this person, try as she might.

Soon after the last post we had bookfair. Then all the bookfair paperwork. Then I felt less and less well. Thought I finally had a plan but that fell through. So that's boring and ridiculous, right? Would love to say I have all these great ideas and book reviews (people sent me electronic copies and even a couple hard copies and I totally dropped the ball. A couple I read and reviewed on Goodreads but never posted here. A couple I never opened) because that's what we go to blogs for but boy howdy. Just hard.

So I'll just share a couple things that I am looking at right now and wish you the best and happiest of Thanksgivings. Think the Anne of Green Gables will be better than last year's? I forgot to remind you about the turkey bookmarks I already had made and even though I got some cute new turkey images didn't make any new stuff. How blah is this post. Apologies. Not sure when I'll be back but hopefully soon.

Goodbye, Teacher Tired

Conquer Overwhelm

I haven't finished two three other classes I started so why am I even looking at this book?

If the stars align I'll have a couple new things but until then here are a couple old freebies. Elf  and reindeer bookmarks (see, I'm even breaking blogger rules and not getting decent images/embed code). My students love bookmarks. In fact they make messes searching through the container for specific ones. 🤣

Excuse me for acting 14 for a second cause I'm so NOT but. I usually prefer my boys darker (think Han Solo, Poe Dameron, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston) but seriously. Chris Hemsworth is just so funny in this movie.

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