Friday, December 23, 2016

Long Dry Spell but Merry Christmas

The holiday book post never happened. Lots of posts never happened.

Does anyone have a post they'd love to SEE happen? I don't know. The last couple months between battling viruses and allergies and general total and complete energy sapping muscle soreness blahs ... any even remotely halfway decent ideas I had just went to a quick snap on IG. Haven't even gotten much reading in. I think I might need new glasses. READING glasses on top of my regular glasses. Does that mean bifocals? Not cool. Finally fessed up to that after not being able to properly see the directions on the antibiotics. Ridiculous! I do not feel like I could be old enough to need bifocals. :( BUT if you are still around after that rant THANK YOU!

If you have any questions or silly freebie bookmark requests send me a quick email and maybe over the break I can get some posts prewritten for the new year. I'll have a "reveal" sometime in February or March as we ordered some new tables that are so very different from what we've had for over a decade that people will probably flip out. And then like them after they see how flexible they are. If the walls hadn't changed the look of the place the tables will!

Seriously. If only I'd had this a few days ago it totally would have been up at school!

I can hear my 23 month old nephew singing "Jingle Bells" so I'm out of here. Merry Christmas. Happy Season's Readings. May the Force Be With You.

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  1. I just got bifocals, and after the first few mind bending, nauseating days (take motion sickness medicine!), they are fine. And I can read things without taking my glasses off. Regroup over the holidays. 2017 is going to be much better!