Friday, July 1, 2016

Finally Friday EEEK JULY 1

This week went by SO FAST! Which makes no sense at all because I was in a car the first two days of it. Then felt awful (I feel better now ... just a rotten summer cold). Anyway. Here are some pins I thought were interesting. Click through for embedded content and original sources.

Anyone ever feel like this? I do love the colors, though. Greens and browns are a favorite (along with dark blues).

Anyone get to go? I've been once ... a few years ago when it was in DC. In fact FB reminded me the other day about the time there when I was "recognized" for being in the TX Bluebonnet award video. #thingsthatarewierd #sadlyitwasntwhenIwasinshape Anyway, this announcement is always interesting.

Thinking about doing this on the outside bulletin board we have. It's kind of a pain because it's in a spot where lots of classes stop and ... idle hands tend to tear things apart. So it's hard to keep it looking decent. This would be something that could stay up ALL YEAR. If I kept up with cutting all the book covers (which would be a pain but hopefully less so than the full bulletin board) would teachers fill them out? Would be awesome if I could just leave blanks and a stapler out there but the stapler would disappear in under a day. Or idle hands would remove all the staples.

Student work is most awesome but I find it hard as more than one class likes to do things and the kids are offended if I post someone else's and not theirs. Easy to post electronic work on our hallway display. Plus I do less hard copy work and more electronic work. All those glyphs take FOREVER to cut out! They look cute but no one ever has the time for the kids to cut the pieces.

After reading Kids Deserve It (more on that to come!) I've decided I might need a Star Wars costume. One that the kids would recognize. Just for fun.

Best as I can tell this website must have made a shirt of this at one point. They totally missed a marketing opportunity ... I would have thought FB or Pinterest would have screamed "SHE'LL BUY IT!" to them but I only found it a little while back. And clicking through there's no more merchandise on the site. Just this awesome image.

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