Wednesday, October 22, 2014

ChumtheBook and Other Things

First book talk. Then life talk.

Ever watch reality tv competitions? Me, not so much. Not since Real World ... was it the first or second season? A long enough time ago. ;) I didn't really "get" that draw but I know lots of people who DO enjoy them.
Ever had an embarrassing photo or video posted to social media? Me ... not that I know of. I tend to avoid cameras. :P But it has happened to people that I know. I promise ... I'm not the one that posted them. Truly. I have done silly things that would have been embarrassing but no cameras were around, thank goodness. ;)
Ever felt like you didn't quite belong? Yep.
Like pickle juice? NO. But there I agree with the main character.
Now the little yellow plastic guys ... they are a bit creepy. But that's what makes them funny.

So ... this does not necessarily win the "Ms. O's Newest Favorite of All Time" as a couple parts were more farfetched than I was necessarily always willing to go. That said ... I can definitely can see middle grade readers that would eat this one up. Fans of Shark Week, for example. Or, actually, Captain Underpants. The main character is in eighth grade but I can see fifth or even strong fourth grade readers being fine with this one. No YA subject tendencies. A hint of romantic interest but so little is done about it a kiddo not looking it would most likely miss it altogether.

Also he had me at the a-ha reference. And the chapter titled "Delusions of Grandeur." #imageek #iknowitiliveitiloveit

Now excuse me while I go have some ice cream and bemoan not getting accepted in to GTA Austin on the same day my car's AC compressor blew out and four days before stressful bookfair. Sad face and then moving on. :/

Apparently a nErDcampSA is in the works. ;)


  1. Not having book fair! Almost done with one 100 slide power point and thinking about adding slides to another I have all formatted. Wheee! Sorry about your car. That's never fun. At least I can always just wheel my bike home if it breaks! Man, if I went to Nerd Camp, it would have to be the one in Michigan. Thinking about it for this summer if one is held.

  2. It will be smaller, for sure. We'll see. 100 SLIDES? Wow. If I didn't live 30 miles from my school (and it wasn't still regularly in the upper 80s/low 90s) I think it would be fun to bike ride sometimes. With a little basket on the front and pleated skirt and no sweating and everything. In my head there is no need to wear a helmet. Which I know is not real life.