Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Piggie and Elephant Dance Party

This was actually so easy it's kind of embarrassing that I am even posting it. Kids LOVED the P&E dance game on Pigeon Presents. So as an end of the year treat? We made Piggies and Geralds, spread out, and DANCED. The original thought had been to get everyone in within a couple days of each other and get helium balloons but that didn't happen. Oh well. These pictures are rubbish but hello. Try to catch 4 year olds dancing with a phone camera. This is what you get. ;]

Paper plates from (gasp ... not a fan) WalMart. Eyes cut out with diecuts. Ears and noses cut out several at a time in between classes. Glue sticks ... how do they still manage to make messes with glue sticks? But you can bet they know Piggie and Elephant were written by Mo (three fingers down) Willems (three fingers up).

Hooray PicMonkey! Collage is here! Catch you later.


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  1. These are absolutely adorable! Sometimes the simplest ideas are the BEST. Totally pinning this to my Book Idea board on Pinterest.