Thursday, December 15, 2011

Read Around the School

which is otherwise lovingly known as RATS. We finished another one on Tuesday. Twice a year. The fun is all I can handle. ;]

Many schools have buddies ... younger and older classes matched together who occasionally do activities together. Well, with RATS the buddies go all around the school (think organized chaos) listening to stores read by teachers or guests. Sort of like trick-or-treating but for stories.

We had a mix of holiday and winter and non-holiday stories. Yet again, even with 750 kids wandering the halls we didn't lose anyone and a grand time was had by all. Here are three "door decorations" advertising stories. I'll try to get some more tomorrow.

And yes, this was before they were actually on a door. We had several guest readers this time so oh, lucky me. I got to make 5. Eeek. I'll get my other two plus some of the really great teacher ones we had.

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  1. Can you tell me more about how you schedule everything? This sounds like my kind of thing! :)

    Also-could you add an email subscription button to your blog? :)