Saturday, October 8, 2011


I put out the word to kiddos that I was thinking about running a morning Lego Club and a morning Scrabble Club. Kids usually have to go sit in the gym until teachers pick them up. Early busses or parent drop-off means they might be sitting there for a half hour or more.

Now, these would have to be pretty self-sustaining clubs because every morning I am usually working with our morning announcement team getting that ready. But some days are more involved than others so I figured teach the kids where the materials are, make behaviour expectations clear, and give them goals or outcomes to work for (specific Lego shapes like "make a 3-D letter T that is at least six inches tall" or something, or "do your best to create verbs today" ... wouldn't those work? We'll see) and on days when I couldn't hang with them they'd be OK. On days when morning announcements are not crazy I could sit with the clubs and offer suggestions.

Is this totally nuts?

Although I've already run into one problem. GROSSLY underestimated the interest in the Lego Club. Now need to find some more $$$$ to get more Legos. Or to get these games I saw at Target yesterday as I was picking up my Z-Pack prescription for what is my yearly case of bronchitis/laryngitis/tonsillitis or whatever it is. Very bad photography here. But hey. At least I got pics, right? With price. Eek. Can't ask PTA because they are already paying for an author visit. Have to look at what's left from bookfair after our portion of our e-reader grant obligation is met (that's another post ... WAITING for district red tape to clear so that we can get them! We're getting Simple Touch Nooks and using our Overdrive book collection). Well. And maybe wait for December when our Terracycle upcycling program check comes. Have to do something fun with the money we get from me sorting all the trash people bring me. ;)

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