Wednesday, August 10, 2011

10 for 10

Only these are not in order because hello, I could not order them. I love them all.

Piggie and Elephant. Ah, Piggie and Elephant. I enjoy all of them. A lot. But this one will always hold a special place in my heart. The amount and intensity of emotion Mo Willems can convey in an eyebrow or dot pupil.

This is always a hit read out loud.

This one is also another guaranteed hit. Maybe because the only accent I can do is a stereotypical cowboy twang and I can't help myself. It comes out every time I read this book.

Plus who doesn't love a Fairy Godcow?

Like a total dufus I collected Little Critter books before I ever even thought about going back to grad school to become a librarian. I was a secondary English/Spanish teaching major. I just ... I just really liked the little guy.

Truthfully ... I don't even like cats. They make me sneeze and send my sister to the hospital for breathing treatments. But this little guy makes me smile. Actually, this one I really like to just play the CD. The author does such a funny job reading/singing the story.

OH MY GOODNESS. The story about cookies and self-control? That is the story of my life. Good ol' Frog and Toad. So simple and yet so giggle-worthy.

So this one is representing one that I remember as a kid. Arthur and his sister were fighting over their room. You would think for as many times as I remember reading that one I would 1)remember the title; and 2)have noticed that maybe it is no longer in print? I couldn't find it on B& But I read all of the Arthur books as a kid.

This one is my favorite, though again, I quite enjoy all of them. Does there have to be a reason? My tongue just likes to say "moose" and "muffin" in the same sentence. He's so tall and gangly.

Of course this is another case where really this is just representative of all of his books. But I loved this one as a kid. AND I love reading it out loud at school because this is the one book where kids can kneel instead of sitting "criss-cross, applesauce". I make 'em jump up every time the word "up" is read. (Or, sometimes, they do sit criss-cross and then just throw their arms up in the air. Depends on the class and how rowdy they might get jumping up and down.)

They are either really tired or really wound up by the time we're done. Teachers are either grateful for the spent energy or mad at me for the wound-up kiddos.

I LOVE the part where he talks about how his sister loves to look in the mirror but no matter how many times she does it her face will always look just like her rear end. Not always the part that makes the kids laugh the most but it's usually when myself or other teachers listening in get the giggles.

Newer one but I love it. Learning to read is such an exciting time. Kids really like the little dog and birdie. I like this one even more now because it's a favorite of my nephew and while I was just visiting him in Hawaii the recording of his Dad (my brother) reading it to him arrived from Afghanistan.

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