Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Exquisite Corpse AdventureThe Exquisite Corpse Adventure by Jon Scieszka

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I can think of several kids at my school that would love this story. It was a little hard for me to follow but that was just a factor of the way it was written. Of course each individual author and illustrator contributed their own style to the exaggerated story. And in the end who wouldn't love a big pig named Genius Kelly? (Be fairwarned ... here's a quote from later in the story ... "Who named that pig Genius?" (p 98))

Here are a couple of quotes that I liked. Of course there are more! And these are page numbers from a preview copy, so the final may be a bit different.

"Joe .... bravely dived off the bridge into the gorge. Nancy dived after him, even more bravely. (Don't you agree? I mean, she'd had an extra moment to think about it.)" (pp 19-20) This bit was written by Susan Cooper. It made me laugh.

"'In one way, he is' said Einstein, quickly adding, 'but in two way he's not'" (p 33). Word play always adds a fun touch.

On p 37 they describe a lunch retrieved from a Star Wars lunchbox. May the Force be with you! OH! And speaking of ... that's a quote straight from page 59. That's just awesome.

"She bowed automatically before remembering there would be no applause in these villain-infested wood--only certain death" (p 41). Another one that made me laugh. The irony. Another one ... "UNHAND THAT ARM!" (p79) And "I'm so happy for you. The happiest days are always the days when missing legs are found. Aren't they, Joe? Aren't they the happiest days?" (p127).

Some readers might agree with this statement in terms of the book "'Oh,' thought Nancy, sometimes the world is too ridiculous to be borne'" (p134). That's OK. Every book has it's readers!

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  1. I'll have to take a look at this, although I was disappointed by Spaceheadz.

  2. Looks interesting. We had a whodunit theme last May/June - this seems like a nice book for such an adventure/whodunit theme. Thanks for sharing.