Sunday, March 27, 2011


Haven't done anything but copy and paste Goodreads reviews for a while now, have I?

Friday we did a Dress Like a Wimpy Kid Day at school. It was a smashing success. Well. Except for the kids that didn't "win." Had several that felt bad. I'm sorry. I can't give everyone $10 to spend at the bookfair. I wish I could.

Yay! My principal approved my request to go to our state library conference. Who knows why he was so weird about it last year when it was IN MY TOWN. Will have to pay my own hotel/food but I can use bookfair profits for registration. I am very excited to go and learn.

Very sad to report that my district has decided Skyping with authors is too scary and they might come back and ask for money. I can't very well ask the authors to fill out a ridiculously complicated legal packet for the freebie Q&As they are willing to do as PR. Lame.

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