Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Couple of the Lessons I'll be Giving

in the coming week ...

Thank You, Sarah Hale
Was just poking around the author's website and found out she's actually distantly related to the subject of this title. Fun! LOVE the illustrations on this one and the kids find it a funny connection with the Mary Had a Little Lamb song. We'll read the book, try illustrating our own pictures of Sarah, talk about the qualities that make her a hero, and glue those words around our illustrations. Pics to follow.

Milly & the Macy's Parade
This will be with two classes ... buddies of first and second grade. I thought we'd start with some of the YouTube clips that I'm posting here. Read the book (Another one where I LOVE the illustrations!) and then create some "balloons" out of colored paper.

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