Monday, September 20, 2010

Interestin' Ed Tech Post

Got this off of Free Tech 4 Teachers ...

Talk Back to the Pros

There they offer some 2 minute intros to different apps. This is what I know about these apps. You will see that in many cases what I know? It's not much.

1. CoverIt Live--NOTHING. Never heard of it. Will have to investigate more.
2. VoiceThread--have never used it but may try it with some book groups I'll be starting after the dreaded B-Word (bookfair)
3. social media--obviously, I'm a fan :]
4. Glogster--tried it for the first time this summer when completing my write up for the BYU Children's Lit Conference. Can see some use feels a little cumbersome.
5. stuff. Get at it anywhere.
6. PicLits--OOOH. I already like this one. Must show it to reading facilitator tomorrow.
7. XTraNormal--friend showed me this while at ALA. Started one the other day. Takes some planning for the  different camera angles and all. Will report on the final result when I'm done.
8. Type With Me--never used this one. At first glance it seems like Google Docs does the same thing (but that could just be because it's what I'm familiar with).
9. Screencasting--really want to learn how to do this better. Think it could be super useful making database search tip videos.
10. Learning beyond the classroom walls--Yes. That is all I have to say about that.
11. Go Animate--seen this in several placed the last couple weeks. Will have to also investigate this one further.

Total PS to that one ... someone retweeted this. Fabulous comparison of Blog vs. Wiki vs. Google Doc.

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