Monday, August 16, 2010

A New Favorite

This is a MUST READ. So funny--all about a third grade boy dealing with a few worries. I can't wait to share it with teachers and students alike. Here are some quotes I put in my Goodreads review.

"If my costume for Halloween were "some other kind in my class,' I would wear it all the time for the rest of my life so that nobody would know I am me, the boy whose mother has to bring him his lunch and then kiss him in front of everybody." (38)

"It's just hard for me to convince myself to tray and keep the ball for myself when a kid comes at me, looking like he wants the ball more than anything in the world. Because the truth is, I really feel like he can have it. I'm happy to let him have it. I'll play with it later if I want to." (67)

"I no thank you gym class. Push-ups are ridiculous. It is just relaxing, interrupted, over and over again." (124)

"Today is Cinco de Mayo. That is a Mexican holiday. So we had an assembly and did a dance around a hat." (195)

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