Build Your PLN

Online ... There's SO MUCH we can learn! How to take advantage of it while not getting overwhelmed? Have it come to you. Almost like a one stop shop. That, my teacher librarian friends, is the key. It's why we love Target. Once you set it up? Time saved. Fabulous info coming in from multiple sources and you're not going crazy trying to keep up with it all.

We'll start with two blog readers.
When blogs post something new the content appears on YOUR page. That's called the Reader.
The new content is called a Feed.

I use a couple different readers. You don't have to use both. I'm just showing you different options--and there are more so feel free to experiment.

BLOGLOVIN'. Have you seen the buttons? This is the most "beginner friendly" ... IF the blog offers you a button. You can add content w/o a button but that button makes it easy. FIRST sign up for a free account. I find this easiest to do on a desktop. Once you have some feeds coming in then reading the content is easy to do on the app or desktop.

Or there is Feedly. It offers a little more customization than Bloglovin' (I've only ever used the free version ... with Pro you could do even more).
I signed up for this one right when Google Reader went away so it was easy to move my feeds. I also have the Chrome extension installed. These are more reliable than just seeing FB updates on a blog fanpage because sometimes FB doesn't even show them to you.

Now here comes the fun part. The content! Who to follow?

Another great place to find new content is Twitter. Twitter deserves it's own presentation. Attend one if you get the chance and one day I'll post a better overview here. For now I'll be honest. I started out on Twitter mainly as a silly way to follow celebs. Then authors and illustrators started joining Twitter. Then teacher librarians, teachers, and ed tech leaders. The celebs got boring and the OTHER content became much more important to me. Free Skype chats! Bookmark or poster giveaways! Asking an author a question and getting a quick response!

Librarian Twitter Chats | Piktochart Infographic Editor

PS Go to this presentation for some lists of links of authors/illustrators who blog or Tweet.

And when you start feeling brave? Hootsuite allows you to see Facebook, Twitter, and other Feeds all truly on ONE page, arranged in columns they call "streams."