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Places to See Professionally Created Trailers
Places to See Student Created Trailers
Places to Find Images Online
Tools for Creating Trailers
Planning Organizers (with downloadable pdfs if you would like to use mine!)
Notes on Rubrics

Professionally Created Trailers
Skippyjon Jones
Mr. Schu's blog

Student Created Trailers
Book Trailers for All (YouTube channel)
Book Trailers for Readers
Northeast Book Network
or ... just look for book trailer on YouTube, Teacher Tube, or School Tube
The first trailers our students created can be found here at my poor neglected district blog. You'll have to scroll back to 2008! We haven't always been consistent posting new ones. Or even being ABLE to do them ... but there is always another year.

Students create their own! Either with crayons and markers (I just snapped pictures with a camera--didn't even "scan" them) or with a camera or a computer program like KidPix.
OR you can predownload a selection of images that may have something to do with the books the kiddos are reading and then let them choose. Or have them look online. I talk about that and give some links here. Scroll down to about the middle of the page below the green YouTube video preview. Please follow all citation and licensing guidelines!

Tools for Creating Trailers
Photostory (free PC download)
Moviemaker (free PC download)
Animoto (free account to make 30 second videos or apply for an extended free account as an educator)
Powtoon (I just learned about this one a day or two ago so I haven't used it extensively ... but it looks like it has some real promise!)

Planning Organizers
This organizer is for oh, I'd say fourth or fifth grade and up. Click on the link if you'd like to download.

This organizer is a guideline for K-2. You may need to tweak it and take out parts that are not applicable (especially if your students are not reading yet! ... they may want more space to sketch out rough drafts of their illustrations).

Here is a link to my district's LibGuides page on creating book trailers. There you'll find a permission slip (you'd want to double check that with your own district guidelines). There are also other planning documents there, as well as links to places to find images and music that you could use.
Then you could also check out the links on Book Trailers for All. She has some great stuff for both planning, images, music, and directions on how you could submit your trailers to that site.

Notes on Rubrics
I haven't necessarily posted any rubrics here because they would vary so much between classes and age levels and project set-up. You can google "book trailer rubrics" and find all kinds of them.
Just PLEASE have discussions with your kiddos about doing their best. Illustrations? Outline the lines in black and color their best. Add details. (If you are on Pinterest I've seen several illustration rubrics on there that are great!)
If your kids are old enough to add text please have them work on some peer editing. What would have been a great student produced trailer can end up looking messy because the kids got distracted and didn't pay attention to things like capitalization and punctuation.

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  1. Thank you. I am hoping to do book trailers this year. Your blog post inspires me.